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"We had a website, but we needed it improved and redesigned. We looked at all the sailing sites in our town, we found one that we thought was the best. We contacted the designer. That’s when we met Quinton.


He completely revamped our site. He made it fresh, clean, modern and appealing, while staying mindful of the ship’s history. Now OUR site was the best!


He asks questions. He got to know our business. He got us to know our business better. He always has ideas. Good ideas.

- Capt. Katie McInlay

He wouldn’t just complete a task, he’d put his stamp on it with details and style that we’d never think to ask for." He became a team member. He sailed with us for pictures and interviews. We didn’t even ask him to do interviews!  He took initiative like that. He’s good with people. It reflected well on our business to have him aboard. When COVID hit, he never stopped. He told us he wouldn’t send any invoices until things settled. He kept right on doing anything that needed to be done. He became a friend. During that time I started another business (The Galley Box). Guess who I turned to?"


Design, Copy, Principal Photography, Supplemental Videos, Archivist, Social and Online / Offline Marketing Strategies. 

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